Our Practice

At The Pinnacle Physiotherapy Clinic we have built a team of caring physiotherapists who are passionate about our profession and focused on helping people.

We invest in ourselves as professionals, continuously updating our knowledge, reviewing the latest research, attending courses and developing our treatment skills.


Our team approach means that each physio can focus on the area they’re passionate about, such as sports physio, women’s health, neurological physio, paediatrics and vestibular rehabilitation.

This varied training, knowledge and skill amongst our team means that whatever your problem, we’ll book you in to see the physio who can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Please have a look through our website to meet our staff and find out more about the specific services we offer. You will see that some areas in our list of services link to further information. We are constantly trying to update and improve our website.... we'll have further information on other treatment services coming soon! If you’ve got any questions please give us a call at the clinic or email us via our contact page.

Our Services



We are proud members of the

Australian Physiotherapy Association! 


Please click here to find out more information about what physio's do!!

Covid19 Precautions 


As a health business we will continue to follow NSW health guidelines in terms of Covid19 precautions for the well being of our staff and clients.

We kindly request that you continue to wear a mask whilst in the clinic.

Please sanitise your hands prior to entry and comply with all social distancing and infection control requirements asked of you.

Please call us with as much notice as possible to cancel if you are sick and unable to attend an appointment.

We thank you all for your co-operation!