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Physio Pilates


At Pinnacle Physio, our Pilates services are run by a team of experienced Physiotherapists who are trained in Clinical Pilates. 

Our approach integrates traditional Pilates exercises and equipment with current research on core muscle activation and our knowledge and training as experts in exercise prescription.

Our classes are aimed at:

  • Activating the muscles which provide stability to the spine, thorax and pelvis

  • Activating postural muscles to facilitate correct alignment throughout the body

  • Co-ordinating core muscle activation with breathing control during functional movement

  • Increasing balance and proprioception

  • Increasing joint mobility and muscle flexibility

  • Increasing neural mobility

  • Injury rehabilitation - to assist in managing your injury, improving function and preventing re-injury.


We utilise Pilates Spring Walls as well as small props (balls, bands and rollers) to create varied, functional and challenging exercises for your level of strength and function.

Our small class numbers (maximum of 8 per class) ensures that the Physiotherapist running the class can closely monitor your technique and provide feedback.


We have devised different levels of classes to ensure that everyone is appropriately challenged and gets maximum benefit out of their class.



Please speak with our reception staff to book a place in one of our Physiotherapy run classes.


Please click on the link to view our current class timetable


These are our entry level Physio Pilates classes. They are aimed at people who are in the rehabilitation phase of an injury, who are new to Pilates and those whose are still to master basic activation of their core muscles. It is essential to establish a good foundation of core control prior to progressing to more challenging exercises. 


Our intermediate classes are for clients who have established the technique of co-ordinating core muscle activation with breath control and movement. The difficulty level of exercises is increased to include whole body exercises in varied positions to further challenge the core stabilising muscles. 


Our advanced classes are for experienced Pilates clients who have mastered core activation and require high level challenging exercises to continue to build on their whole body strength, control and mobility. This class would be perfect for clients who want to improve their sports performance or as an adjunct to other training or exercise.

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Pre Exercise Assessment

Not everyone needs pre-exercise assessment prior to attending our Physiotherapy run Pilates classes. If you are an exisitng client and having active treatment please discuss this with your Physiotherapist. If you are new to the clinic you will require an assessment with one of our Physiotherapists to identify any medical history or injury that may stop you from participating safely. We will assess your postural alignment, your general physical capacity and your ability to activate your true "core" muscles using our real time ultrasound machine. This allows us to identify any limitations which may impact on your ability to perform certain exercises and modifications that may need to be made for you. Please try to book your assessment with the Physiotherapist who will be running the class you would like to attend. 

Health Fund Rebates


From 1st April 2019 you will no longer be able to claim a rebate for Pilates services under your private health insurance.

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