Women's Health


In 2015 when we opened Pinnacle Physio, our vision was to offer a specialised and holistic women's health physiotherapy service to women in the central west.


All of the treatment services listed below have been developed by our team of Physiotherapists trained in women's health and pelvic floor physiotherapy including Kylie Watkins, Jo Fairfax, Kate Murphy (currently on maternity leave), Emily O'Neil and Eloise Borschtsch.


Please find a list of our women's health services below. We've also included links to some online resources that you may find useful if you are seeking help for a specific problem. 


You can click on the Physio Bookings button above to book a consultation online or please call and speak with our receptionists Tanya and Mallory if you require more information or you would prefer to make a booking over the phone. 

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Physiotherapy treatment for problems related to the pelvis, pelvic floor muscles and pelvic organs, such as incontinence, pelvic pain, bowel dysfunction and prolapse. 

All of our pregnancy and post natal services have been developed in line with our knowledge and training in the specific changes that happen to the body during the childbearing years and management of common problems that affect women such as pelvic girdle pain and abdominal muscle separation.

Ultrasound, lymphatic massage and drainage techniques and taping to treat problems in the lactating breast such as blocked ducts, engorgement and non-infective mastitis. 

Exercise safely during your pregnancy under the guidance of our Physiotherapists.

A non-pharmacological option for helping to manage pain during labour

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