Men's Pelvic Health and Continence

1 in 10 men will experience continence or pelvic floor problems during their lifetime and up to 70% of men suffer from urinary incontinence following prostatectomy surgery.

Some of the conditions we commonly see include:

Continence Problems
  • Stress incontinence, frequency and urgency symptoms

  • Bladder training for irritable bladder syndromes

  • Urinary urgency problems

  • Post Micturition Dribble/Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate cancer related issues


  • Pre-operative prostatectomy motor learning program

  • Post-operative prostatectomy rehabilitation program

Bowel Dysfunction


  • Difficulties with constipation, emptying bowels, faecal urgency/leakage and difficulty controlling wind.

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Our physiotherapists who are specifically trained in this area offer full assessment, diagnosis and individualised advice and treatment. Treatment may include;

  • Progressive pelvic floor muscle re-training (using real-time ultrasound, EMG biofeedback and muscle stimulation when required).

  • Bladder training

  • Manual therapy techniques for pelvic floor and coccyx pain, when indicated.

If you would like to seek treatment for any of the conditions listed above please call the clinic and ask to book a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Consultation. Alternatively you can click on the Online Bookings button above and go to Men's Health Physiotherapy to book a consultation.

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Continence Foundation of Australia

For more information on men's pelvic health and continence problems please click here to visit the Continence Foundation of Australia website