TeleHealth Physiotherapy


As a physiotherapy clinic in the regional centre of Orange providing a number of specialised services, we tend to draw clients from across the central west.


Our TeleHealth consultations allow us to treat, educate and support patients who are unable to access our physiotherapy services at our clinic.

Because this is a relatively new area of Physiotherapy we find that people have a few questions. We'll try and answer these for you below but please don't hesitate to call us if you'd like any more information! 

You can click here to book a TeleHealth physiotherapy appointment online.

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How does our TeleHealth Physiotherapy service work?


Once you've booked your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with the information you require to get set up. We've enlisted PhysiApp which is an amazing program that allows us to speak to you and see you from the comfort of your own home. This integrates with PhysiTrack which is the program we use to send you a home program of individually prescribed exercises and videos to make sure you're doing your exercises correctly. 


Please see the links to the right of this page for instructions on how to download PhysiApp onto your computer or device. We think these programs are very user friendly but if you have any difficulties please call our reception team for help!


What will your TeleHealth consultation involve?

We'll start by taking a detailed history regarding the injury or condition you're seeking treatment for by asking you a series of structured questions. Following this conversation we'll often have a provisional diagnosis in mind. We will then ask you to perform some movements and get you to give us feedback on how they feel. We will monitor your posture and we can assess your joint range of motion. We will discuss your diagnosis, provide education regarding your injury or condition, advise you regarding any lifestyle modifications, guide you to perform self treatment techniques where possible and prescribe you a program of rehabilitation exercises. 

What do I need at home?

You can use a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer for your consultation. You will need to set this up where you can step back and the physio can see you from head to toe in standing as well as lying on the ground. If available a second person may be helpful during your consultation to hold and angle your devices camera. You'll need a private place with room to move so we can assess you properly. We'll also need to ensure that you are safe. We will check your home address and ask you to open a door in the house. This means that in the event of an emergency we could call an ambulance and they would be able to get to you in your home. 

Does TeleHealth work?

Research shows that TeleHealth can help patients achieve positive results. We can guide you through a specific rehabilitation program and more importantly give you the information and the skills you need to feel in control and confident to manage your condition in the long term. In some cases there will be limit to what we can achieve through TeleHealth and in these cases your Physio will discuss alternative management approaches with you. This may include going to see your GP for a review, referring you for a scan or recommending that you do need to see a Physio face-to-face for further physical assessment or manual treatment.  

What are the costs?

Our TeleHealth consultation costs are similar to our in clinic costs. This is because we plan to spend just as much time with you trying to correctly diagnose and treat your condition and get a positive result as we would in the clinic. We will email you all the education handouts, questionnaires and links we would normally provide to our patients in the clinic. We'll set you up with an exercise program which we can send to you via Physitrack. Health insurers will be providing rebates for TeleHealth from 14th April 2020 for specific groups of patients. Please call us at the clinic or call your insurer to seeif you are covered and if you need to do anything for example you may need a referral from your GP to claim. Work Cover and NDIS have also agreed to help patients access TeleHealth Physio where appropriate. 

Please click on the button below to book your TeleHealth appointment online or call us (02)6362 6222.

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Please click here to download a PDF document with instructions to prepare for your TeleHealth call. 

If this PDF does not work, click here for alternative instructions.

Please call us on (02) 6362 6222 if you are having difficulties. Or outside of business hours please email us and we assist you by emailing you back or calling you.