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Physiotherapy for Inflammatory Breast Conditions

Blocked ducts, engorgement, inflammation and mastitis are common problems affecting breast feeding women. Symptoms may include swelling, redness, lumps and pain in one or both breasts.

Physiotherapy treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation and clearing blocked ducts. Depending on your specific problem, treatment techniques that may be used include;

  • Ultrasound

  • Lymphatic massage/drainage techniques

  • Lymphatic taping.


Physiotherapy may help with the resolution of symptoms during an acute episode but it may also help prevent recurrence if you have experienced repeated bouts of blocked ducts or mastitis. 


At Pinnacle Physio treatment for breast conditions is offered by experienced physiotherapist Kylie Watkins who has completed her The Lactating Breast for Physiotherapists training through The Australian Physiotherapy Association with physiotherapist and educator Melinda Cooper.

Some important notes...


1. The key to success is early intervention. When you call the clinic please ensure that you explain to our receptionist that you need treatment for blocked ducts/mastitis. We will fit you in for an appointment with Kylie asap. If caught early enough, physiotherapy treatment may help clear blockages, reduce inflammation and prevent the development of an infection. 

2. If you think you have developed an infection, for example you have a fever, rigors or you feel generally unwell, please make an appointment to see your GP.

Even if you are diagnosed with infective mastitis and require antibiotic treatment, Physiotherapy can still be effective as an adjunct to this in is facilitating recovery and preventing recurrence. 

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