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Post Concussion Syndrome


Concussion is a form of mild brain injury which typically occurs after a direct blow to the head, face or neck. This results in an impairment of neurological function, which can be short lived (lasting minutes to hours) or in some cases, such as in post concussive syndrome, symptoms can last from weeks to months. There may or may not be a loss of consciousness at the time of the concussion injury.

Symptoms can include;

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Visual sensitivity (to bright lights, reading, screens) 

  • Auditory sensitivity (to loud noises or busy environments)

  • Balance Impairments

  • Brain fog

  • Cognitive (thinking) difficulties

  • Behavioural changes

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Fatigue

As further research has become available on the long-term effects of repeated concussions, proper management/treatment has been recognised as increasingly important and has become more proactive.


At Pinnacle Physio we're fortunate to have two Physiotherapists, Ben Fairfax and Alex Umbers, who have specifically trained in the assessment and treatment of people with concussion as an extension of their vestibular and neurological rehabilitation work.

Concussion is a complex disorder that requires an analysis of multiple factors, including but not limited to the vestibular system (balance centre), the brain and the cervical spine. Assessment of these areas typically includes bedside testing, cardiovascular tests such as the Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test, balance assessments, cognitive exams and questionnaires.


Based on your assessment findings Ben and Alex will prescribe a specific rehabilitation plan including home exercises. 

Following a concussion you may experience difficulties returning to normality. Our management plan will also focus on assisting with the reintroduction of activities such as returning to work or school, reading, working on a computer, running and return to sport. This process and timeframes will vary significantly from person to person.


If you have had a concussion and would like to follow up with Physiotherapy management, please click on the online bookings button above to make an appointment with Ben Fairfax or Alex Umbers. 


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